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Anime Bingo

Learn more about Anime Bingo at CPあC!

Date, Time, and Location

Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM EDT in #anime (Join anytime you want!)
Sunday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM EDT in #anime (Join anytime you want!)


Have you watched a lot of anime? Like a lot of anime. Like a lot of anime. If you’re a fan of anime and scavenger hunts (or bingo too for that matter), make sure to participate in Virtual CPあC 2021’s Anime Bingo event! Instead of rolling for a number, you’ll be searching the archives for an anime scene with the prompt in the square in an attempt to blackout the entire board by the end of the convention!

The bingo boards have been released!


  1. Make a copy of the spreadsheet so that you can edit it (File → Save a Copy)
  2. Enter your Discord username and ID on the “Rules” tab of the spreadsheet
    1. You must be in the CPAC Discord server for the duration of the convention to qualify for the raffle
  3. Find and save screenshots in anime that relate to the scenes specified on the board
    1. Please include the scene being described in the screenshot (if it does not, the square will not be counted)
    2. I.e. For a square titled “Roller Coaster Scene” a suitable screenshot might include
      1. A character riding a roller coaster
      2. A roller coaster in the background
      3. A roller coaster in a thought bubble
      4. A character building a mini roller coaster
  4. Insert the screenshot into the box (select the box, click Insert (from the top bar where you find “File”, “Edit”, “View”, etc.) → Image → Image in Cell)
  5. Type in the following information directly underneath your screenshot
    1. Anime Name (please specify season / movie / OVA)
    2. Episode #
    3. Timestamp (hh:mm:ss)
  6. Complete the challenges below in order to be entered in the raffle for a prize
    1. You can only submit one set of bingo boards for each challenge
    2. Bingo board must be blacked out (all squares must be completed except for free space)
  7. Email the spreadsheet link to
    1. Subject line must be: Anime Bingo Submission - [Insert Challenge #]
    2. Spreadsheet must be visible (Share → Change to anyone with the link → Anyone with the link can view → Done)
    3. Please specify which challenge you are submitting for by checkmarking the specific challenge on the “Rules” tab of the spreadsheet
    4. You are allowed to resubmit your spreadsheet, but only your latest submission will be considered
  8. The winner of the raffle will be announced at Sunday May 2nd, 2021 @ 7:30PM EDT


  • All boards must be submitted by Sunday May 2nd, 2021 @ 7PM EDT
  • You may collaborate with others to complete these boards (#anime would be a good channel if you need help)
    • Using the internet to search for answers is also fine
    • If we see identical or extremely similar boards, we may disqualify those boards
    • Only the person who submits the board can receive the prize
  • Please no R+18 scenes
  • Only screenshots from animes are allowed
    • No manga / webtoons / manhwa / etc.
    • No cutscenes from games
    • No non-Japanese animation
      • No American animation (Avatar / Cartoons)
      • No webseries (RWBY / etc.)
    • Only anime from Japanese studios are allowed
      • No 3rd party manga adaptations / anime parodies on YouTube / other video sharing sites
        • However, official animations released by Japanese studios are allowed
        • I.e. Shelter, Gotcha! Pokémon Special Music Video, Pokemon Generations
      • No fanart (licensed or unlicensed)
    • Sub or Dub is allowed
  • No photoshopping / photo editing is allowed, but you are allowed minimize the screenshot’s dimensions in order to zoom in on a specific item / scene (as long as whatever you are - screenshotting is still clearly visible)
  • Please send any questions to Moderators or through #anime
    • I.e. Checking if a screenshot is suitable
    • I.e. Checking if two anime are unique or not


  1. Complete (blackout) all 3 bingo boards using Least Amount of Unique Anime
    1. (OVAs / Sequel Seasons / Movies are considered the same anime if they’re from the same series)
  2. Complete (blackout) all 3 bingo boards using all Unique Anime
    1. (OVAs / Sequel Seasons / Movies are considered the same anime if they’re from the same series)
  3. Complete (blackout) all 3 bingo boards using all Trigger Anime


  • 3 x Right Stuf $10 Gift Certificate
    • 1 for each challenge
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