Castle Point Anime Convention

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Dealers' Room

Dealers' Room
Dealers' Room Map for CPあC 2022

The Dealers’ Room provides vendors the opportunity to showcase and sell their collectors items and wares.

Dealers may sell anime, video game, cosplay-related and other cultural paraphernalia varying from official figurines, wall scrolls, apparel, exclusive items, Gundam, trading cards, stationery, plushies, accessories, Blu-rays, DVDs, video games, manga, comic books, and much more.


  1. Anime Pavilion
  1. Muteki Sales LLC
  2. Al’s Gaming Emporium
  3. Sushito Clothing
  4. Your Anime n’ More
  5. J&V Anime
  6. Collectors Anime
  7. Urban Sheek
  8. Sugee!
  9. Sig Toys
  10. Nerd Mall
  11. Kopes Kreations
  12. HKT Import Toys
  13. Anime Gift
  14. Kathy100 & Potatobuns
  15. CosMom ConShop
  16. Weeaboo USA
  17. Amber Gryphon Armory
  18. Retro Classics
  19. Foam Brain Games
  20. IT Cosplay
  21. Valeza LLC
  22. OneToyShop

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