Castle Point Anime Convention

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Gaming is always hugely popular at CPあC, and we love our attendees’ enthusiasm for games. Many gamers are involved in running CPあC, so we are super excited every year to see what we can bring to the table for everyone to play.

Free Play

Come take a break from the excitement of CPあC and come relax in our gaming area. We have a multitude of non-competitive activities for our guests to enjoy.

With a library of over 100 board games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Dive into a deep strategy game, or play something that’s just light-hearted fun. Make it as competitive or friendly as you want, the choice is yours.

Our ever popular arcade cabinets will be returning to CPあC this year. You won’t find these imported games anywhere else. Play a classic like Dance Dance Revolution, or try something new like Initial D Zero, Taiko no Tatsujin, Chunithm and more.



Are you ready to embark on your journey to become the ultimate Duelist King? CPあC invites you to unleash your dueling skills in our very own Duelist Kingdom tournament, held in the Gaming Room. Leave behind the dark shadows of Egyptian magic and forbidden cards, as this battle will be fought with honor and strategy alone. The victor will claim the prestigious title of CPあC Yugioh Champion! So, gather your deck, wield your Millennium items, and prepare to duel your way to glory!

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Magic The Gathering

Welcome, Planeswalker, to the March of the Machines booster draft extravaganza! Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through the multiverse as you harness the power of artifacts, constructs, and mechanized marvels in pursuit of victory! With your $10 entry fee, you’ll be bestowed with three booster packs brimming with potential. These packs hold the key to assembling your deck, each card a strategic piece in the mosaic of your ultimate triumph.

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Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey into the realm of imagination with CPあC’s special D&D one-shot campaign at this convention. Dust off your 20-sided dice and sharpen your wits as you delve into a world brimming with mystery, adventure, and danger at every turn. Gather your party, hone your skills, and prepare for an epic adventure unlike any other. The fate of this fantastical world rests in your hands. Are you ready to answer the call to adventure and become a legend in your own right? Join us at CPあC’s special D&D one-shot campaign and find out!

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