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CPあC 2024 Panel Guide

Panels and Workshops give CPあC attendees the opportunity to share their passions and skills with their fellow con-goers. From interacting with your favorite anime characters to learning the tips and tricks on creating the perfect cosplay, we hope to have something for everyone with Panels at CPあC.

Panel Applications

Second wave of Panel applications for CP あ C 2024 are now CLOSED.

First Wave Application:

Opens: Friday, October 27th, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST

Closes: Friday, January 19th, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST

Released: Friday, February 9th, 2024 at 8:00 PM EST

Second Wave Application:

Opens: Monday, February 19th, 2024 5:00 PM EST

Closes: Monday, March 11th, 2024 11:59 PM EST

Releases: Monday, April 1st, 2024 8:00 PM EST

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Filling Out The Application

  1. Please read the entire preface to the panel application
  2. Moderator Information
    • Please give the moderator´s name, email, and phone number
    • Moderators have to be 18 years of age by 2024 and will be required to present an ID validating their age at CP あ C
    • Please list previous panel moderating experience with or outside of CP あ C with panel/event names, dates, and conventions.
  3. Event Details
    • Please give the Event Title as it would appear in the program guide
    • Event Description
      • Explain why your panel should be accepted
      • Please make it as concise as possible
    • Program Guide Event Description
      • This description will be shown in the program guide
    • Please give the total number of moderators/panelists
  4. Scheduling Information
    • Setup Duration - How long do you need to set up the panel?
    • Event Duration - How long will the panel run?
    • Cleanup Duraion - How long do you need to clean up your panel?
  5. Event Requirements
    • Room Safety Requirements (these are optional)
      • Supervision for children under the age of 12
      • No open food or drink allowed in the room during the event
    • Room Size Preference
      • Please round up when estimating
      • This is not a guarantee
    • Please state if your event can be photographed
  6. Additional Information
    • Please identify any additional requests regarding your panel (e.g. attendance limit, seating arrangements, longer cleanup period)
    • Please list any accessibility requirements regarding the location of your panel
    • Please specify the days you will attend
    • Please give any other comments regarding your panel
  7. Abiding by Convention Policies
    • If you fail to abide by the Convention Policies, you will not be able to hold your panel and will not be able to host panels at CP あ C in the future

Keeping the Audience Engaged

Although CP あ C is an event run by college students, we´d rather not have our panels run like college lectures. Interaction with your audience and keeping your audience engaged are key factors to running a successful and fun event. Here´s a few tips on how to keep your audience engaged.

  1. Ask Questions
    • Gameshow & trivia questions
      • People love testing their knowledge – especially anime-lovers
    • Polls & Surveys
      • Can be used as an effective and engaging method to start a panel by gauging the room´s opinions on a certain topic
      • Especially useful when discussion between audience members and panelists follows
    • Discussion-based questions
      • Hypothetical or open ended questions can be used to generate audience participation
      • Instead of audiences just listening, having them think allows them to be more engaged in the current conversation
  2. Give out prizes
    • Candy and stickers make very cheap and fun prizes
    • People are more willing to participate if there are prizes
  3. Bring people into the discussion
    • Instead of rambling on for 50 minutes straight, bring audience members into the discussion by posing questions or creating hypothetical scenarios
    • Even though it is your panel, the audience wants to be entertained, so by cooperating with them, everyone can have a better panel experience

Great Panel Ideas

  1. Debates
  2. Trivia
  3. Workshops (How to do something)
  4. Talk shows / Podcasts

Not Great Panel Ideas

  1. Q&A
  2. 18+ Panels

Fan-hosted Panels

With a wide diverse array panels ranging from informational to comedic, CP あ C’s Fan-Hosted Panels have something for everyone, from learning about the historical significance of certain animes or laughing along with skits!

Game Shows & Trivia Panels

Test your anime expertise at the various Game Show & Trivia panels at CP あ C! Whether it’s guessing songs or participating in other anime games, everyone has a chance to shine!

Workshop Panels

Want to know how to improve your cosplay? Ever wondered how to start ita-bagging? Find out answers to these questions and more by attending some workshop panels at CP あ C!

Come and join panels hosted by people involved in the anime industry. You may recognize them from online or from around the tri-state area.


See the Panel FAQs for more information about panels.

Good luck and hope to see you there!

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