Castle Point Anime Convention

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Panel FAQs

What are panels?

Panels are smaller interactive events during the convention held between fans. These events can be DIY tutorials on cosplay, game shows, informationals, and much more. The main purpose of panels is to let CPAC attendees share their knowledge and connect with the other members of the community.

What are we looking for?

This year, we are open to any ideas as long as they fall under the rules! We very strongly encourage panels that contain a high level of interactivity with its audience. If you wish to submit multiple ideas to test the waters, you are free to do so.

What are the rules?

Panels will be 50-90 minutes long (depending on the activity that the panelist(s) choose). Moderators have to be 18 years of age by the date of the convention and will be required to present an ID validating their age prior to their panel. This is a family friendly convention, so make sure your content abides by that. We will provide information on the rooms and available equipment to the best of our ability once that information is available.

When are panel applications released?

See here for panel application dates

There are three statuses that you’ll receive for your panel application: Approved: Your panel was approved and will be scheduled for the convention! Waitlisted: Your panel was not approved off the bat, but keep an eye out for future emails in case it does get approved! Rejected: Your panel was not approved.

When will I find out when my panel is scheduled?

When the panel schedule is released publicly, you will be able to find the schedule on our social media and our website.

Some tips for panels

Have an exciting and unique name possibly phrased as a question. Try to keep people engaged by asking questions, doing activities, or starting discussions.

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